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A Short History of Steamboats on The Chesapeake Bay

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 Another World

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 Steamboat To The Rescue  Working Steamers

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Country Store Stories


Steamboat Era Tales of Adventure & Mischief



Steamboat Romance


Navigating The Potomac



  Steamboat Stories

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  Steamboat Service on the Rappahannock River

 Steamboat Wharf Stories    Steamboat Memorabilia


 All About Steamboats


 Steamboat Wharfs on the Rappahannock


  The Bay At War


  Steamboat Era Museum Oral History Archives Center


 Storm of 33

 Getting to the Northern Neck by Car 1922


Old Bay Line Coffee Cup

 Wharton Grove -revival camp

Calling all Chesapeake Bay steamboat enthusiasts....Do you have any photos or film footage of steamboats that traveled the Bay before the 1950s? If so would you like to share them with others on this site? If you have either photos or film footage please email us and we can dicsuss further how your photo(s) or film footage would be used.


Guidelines for doing video based oral history recordings.








Multimedia & Video-Based Oral History and Documentary Services & Consultation


Learn more about the historic town of Irvington Virginia

See what is going on in the Northern neck

Steamboat News

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